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Saving Lives One Cat at a Time


Donations - Medical Support

FuRR - Donations - Feral Cat ColonyWe try and support as many different means as possible to help reduce the number of unwanted pets in Arkansas, and by doing so, help stop the rate of euthanizations of perfectly good cats.  We offer our Low Cost Clinic once a month, and we do get this subsidized by grants form organizations like the Petco Foundation.  While this does help us with single cat families, it does not help us with colonies of stray, free roaming, or feral cats.  We often get contacted by either the caregiver of a colony, or a fellow animal lover who has stumbled across a colony.

In these situations, we try and care for the every member of the colony.  This sometimes is just as simple as a spay/neuter surgery for the colony members, or, it can be caring for 15 cats with severe upper respiratory infections.  In cases like this, we have to rely on our funds (from the general public) to support the medical care of these cats.

We have in the past had to decline the support of larger colonies because we simply did not have enough funds to support the full medical care of a large number of cats.  It's critical when dealing with a free roaming colony if you are going to help intervene medically, you have to be able to treat the entire colony.

One mistake we have seen caregivers make with their colonies, is treating one cat a time during an illness outbreak.  Colds are a very good example.  When a cat gets a cold, it will often lead to the cat not eating or drinking.  Cats will not eat if they cannot smell.  It doesn't matter whether its canned cat food, or fresh tuna, if the cat has a stuffy nose, it will not eat.  Treating only the cat who exhibits these problems is a mistake.  Colds in cats do not always present with goopy eyes and runny noses.  Sometimes a cat can have a severe bacterial infection, and present with lethargy.  It's vital in a colony to treat all the animals at the same time. 

FuRR - Donations - Medical SupportThis is of course true with sterilization surgery.  It would do little good to only treat half of the colony due to a fund limitation.  When you begin the surgically alter a colony, it's essential that you get all the cats at one time.  Once a human intervenes with the colony, there is a chance that some colony members will not return. 

Your help and support with our efforts to help with medical aide for cat households and cat colonies that could not otherwise be taken care of is vital to our success in completing our mission.  All donations are tax deductible, we are an IRS registered 501c3 charity, and a tax donation receipt will be generated for any and all donations.