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Read about our Emergency Rescue-Freeway


About Us

What is FuRR?  And why do we exist?

Talking about...

Trap. Neuter. Return/Relocate

The core of every stray/feral cat rescue is a solid TNR program.  We participate and help in the management and care of multiple colonies in the Little Rock area. 

Spay and Neuter

We 100% believe the way to help control the overpopulation of stray/homeless cats is by offering low cost/no cost alterations for cats.  We help with house cats as well as feral/stray cats.  Please check our Clinic page.

Emergency Rescue/Help

While it's not the best part of our rescue job, we do get emergencies that come in from time to time.  The bad part of this is that some of them do not make it.  The BEST PART are the emergencies whose lives we save and forever change.  Check out Freeway's story.

In The News....

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Our Mission...

To help the homeless, feral, abandoned, and general helpless cats in the Little Rock area

FuRR's is a small 501c3 charity that is located in the Little Rock Arkansas area.  Even though we are physically located in Little Rock, we have helped people and agencies throughout Arkansas.

We started out being focused on adoptions and rescues, and we are now re-focusing this year on TNR missions and feral/stray cat rescues.

We try and educate the general public on the practice of using euthansia to control feral cat colonies and the overall stray cat population.  When a stray/homeless cat (who just became homeless due to a surrender) gets put into a shelter environment, they are usually scared.  And unfortunately, being scared, shy, and frightened in a county or local animal service facility, usually equals death for the perfectly fine little cat.

This is why we promote both Spay/Neuter, and TNR practices.  Controlling overpopulation at the source is the key to stopping "too many cats" in one area.