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Saving Lives One Cat at a Time


In Memory Of - Selena

FuRR - In Memory Of - SelenaI met Selena several years prior to actually adopting her.  She, along with her siblings, was rescued from Little Rock Animal Services in the spring of 2003.  They were not in good health and a couple of her siblings did not survive.  One of her siblings was adopted but Selena, along with her brother Jack, remained in foster care.  My husband and I fostered Jack and quickly fell in lvoe with him.  We knew we could not part from him.  In 2007, Jack disappeared from our yard one early morning, never to be seen again.  We were devastated.  I had remained in constant contact with Selena's foster mom and visited her home frequently to visit Selena with her fellow fosters.  After careful thought and consideration, my husband and I dedcided that we would adopt Selena.  A second chance for us and an opportunity for Selena to have a home to call her very own.  So in March 2008, we brought Selena home to live with us.

Adopting Selena healed our hearts in so many ways.  She had all of Jack's sweet little personality traits, looked just like him, and unfortunately shared his chronic sinusitis problem.  Selena was a dainty girl, who enjoyed her naps, her chicken flavored Fancy Feast, basking in the sunlight, and Momma's fluffy pink robe.

She had these beautiful brown highlights in her fur and a gap in her teeth that resulted in her tongue always sticking out.  I always told her how intellectual she lookied with her tongue hanging out.  She of course, agreed.  Despite her chronic sinusistis, Selena was such a spirited cat, never letting a little snorkiness get in the way of her daily actitivies.  She had known no other life.