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Saving Lives One Cat at a Time


Donations - General Fund

FuRR - Donations - Feral Cat ColonyWe are an all volunteer based small rescue in Southern Arkansas.  We rely on money that is donated to us, or grants that we apply for and receive.  Our General Fund supports emergencies, rescues, food, foster homes, feral colony support, outdoor housing, and so much more.

Our volunteers have been known to come across cats who are stranded, abandoned, and very ill.  One emergency medical situation can run us upwards of $2k to get the cat well and ready for adoption.  While this does not happen every day, it does happen usually at least once a month.  You can read the story of our latest emergency rescue, Spooky by clicking here.

We also get contacted almost on a daily basis, by someone who has found an animal, and is willing to foster them, but cannot afford the care to make the cat medically well enough for adoption.  All of these situations require that we use money from our General Fund.  Money that people like you help put there.

FuRR - Donations - General FundNot all of the requests we receive are medical in nature.  Sometimes we get an email about a colony that has a caregiver, but needs assistance setting up the support system for the colony.  Feeding stations, housing, and food are the most commonly requested items.  We have instructions on creating outdoor housing, and we are more than happy to help, but someone needs to purchase the supplies necessary to build everything.  If FuRR is involved, most of the time those purchases are made by us.  Feeding stations are the single most important item in caring adequately for a free roaming cat colony.  FuRR can buy or build the stations, and then help the colony caregiver install them in appropriate locations - covered, and safe.  Donations made to our General Fund help support measures like this, caring for the stray, abandoned, and feral cats in Arkansas.

FuRR - Donations - General FundRescue was our first passion, and still is.  Whether it is saving a family of kittens that was found in a parking lot, or saving a senior cat that someone felt they could "get rid of".  FuRR can, and does, whenever possible, step in and try and help.  Often our General Funds can be called on to help someone keep their cat.  Sometimes people just need a little help through a tough time, with food, with litter, or just some support.  Your donations make a difference.  We do not have employees, we are staffed by volunteers.  All your money goes to support animals in Arkansas.  Thank you for considering a donation.