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Saving Lives One Cat at a Time


Petco Spay/Neuter Assistance Application

  • Your Information

  • Required Grant Information

  • Type of Cat(s)?

  • Colony/Cat Information

  • Please tell us about your current situation...

  • Owner/Caregiver Statement

  • By receiving this financial assistance from FuRR, Feline Rescue and Rehome, I agree to provide proper care (daily water, food and shelter) for all my cats and kittens. I further agree to monitor this colony and seek immediate medical care of any injured or sick cats and arrange for sterilization of new colony members, especially pregnant cats. I understand that all feral cats must be transported in a humane trap and ear tipped at the time of surgery. I understand that it is a felony to abandon animals in Arkansas and if for any reason I am unable to continue to care for my cats that were part of this program, I will make the proper arrangements to ensure for their continued care. Typing your name below is an electronic signature and demonstrates your agreement to this statement.

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