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Read about our Emergency Rescue-Freeway


Emergency Rescue - Freeway

April Update

Team FuRR - Freeway UpdateFreeway continues to improve, we had volunteer go by the clinic and check on his progress.

His lacerations are coming along very well, almost healed up.  His chance for infection decrease the closer his cuts get to healing all the way.

We have learned that Freeway likes to talk!  He is a little chatterbox, and talks about anything, to anyone, at pretty much anytime.

We have high hopes that Freeway will be able to find his way into his furrever home in the month of May. 


FuRR - Emergency Rescue - FreewayFriday morning (March 2014) - This handsome but frightened boy is Freeway.  Yesterday one of our volunteers heard that a cat appeared to be injured and was in the median at Interstate 430/Interstate 30 split in Little Rock.

Our volunteer sped to the scene but saw no sign of the cat.  Fortunately a kind passing soul saw the cat ad brought him to Little Rock Animal Village.  This morning he was brought to FuRR vet for evaluation and we found out that he had a dislocated pelvis and abrasions on his back legs.  It looked like he got hit by a car, and left to die.

Freeway needed a pretty serious surgery, but we had very high hopes that with the proper medical care, and lots of TLC he will be able to live a healthy, normal life.  How he survived such a horrific accident is anybody's guess.


Friday Afternoon - Here's our sweet boy Freeway, who is currently receiving wonderful care and lots of love from Dr. Hutto and the staff at Stagecoach Veterinary Clinic.  X-rays show that Freeway will need a femoral head osteotomy to fix his dislocated pelvis.  He has a long road ahead with surgery, rehab, and recovery but he will get the best medical treatment possible and will be well cared for in a foster home until he is fully recovered and ready for a forever home.

Cost for this kind of surgery can range from roughly $1,500 to upwards of $3,000.  While cost will not hinder the treatment Freeway receives, FuRR will gladly welcome donations for his care.  We had been hoping we might be able to locate Freeway's owner, but Dr. Hutto thinks this little guy has been on his own for a while.  He was a bit dirty and ragged looking and his ears were full of mites.  But he is safe now and all of his needs from here on in will be tended to!

Please keep checking back here and on Facebook to follow Freeway's story.

FuRR - Emergency Rescue - FreewayMonday morning update: Freeway left Dr. Hutto's clinic this morning and is on his way to Dr. Bierbaum for surgery later this week.  He stopped on the way for a photo op and to meet a new friend.  He is the sweetest and calmest little guy, especially amazing given what he has been through.  On behalf of Freeway we want to thank everyone for the amazing outpouring of support.  From all the people lying by the side of the road and called for help, to the people who have been sending sweet messages and words of support, to the dozens of people from across the country and as far away as the United Kingdome who have, in the past few days, donated nearly $800 towards his care.

He is only very lucky little guy!  We will keep everyone updated as Freeway undergoes surgery and then begins the long recovery process.FuRR - Emergency Rescue - Freeway